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Treatment of Psychological Trauma

There are several old, new, big or small traumas that derive from one event or a series of events that happened over the course of some years.  Moreover, there are simple or complex psychological traumas. They may have been caused by the loss of a loved one, an accident, a health problem, social/school violence or bullying, domestic violence, negligence, mental, physical, or sexual abuse, human trafficking, some natural disaster, war, etc. One does not necessarily need to have experienced an event in order to be traumatized. It may have happened to someone they know, or they may have witnessed an incident or heard about the incident

Happy People Trauma Therapy

Unless traumas are healed, they may often be revived re-traumatizing the individual whenever they see images, hears sounds, smell scents or have emotions or thoughts similar to those they experienced when traumatized for the first time, disrupting their mental health and quality of life. Emotions of agony, fear and helplessness overwhelm the individual preventing them from coping. Depending on the trauma, somebody may be hypervigilant, have nightmares and occasionally flashbacks.


The mental health counselor of “Happy People” uses a wide range of techniques for the treatment of psychological trauma according to the needs of each individual helping them to face the challenges of life in a positive way.

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