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"Psychologist & CBT Psychotherapy: Cognitive Behavioral Psychotherapy | Career Guidance | Aspasia Venieri - Happy People"

When there is balance between our inner and outer worlds, when our actions are congruent with our beliefs and we see the world with our own eyes and not according to what we have been told by others, then we are happier people.

Supporting a person to find the light and strength inside them to claim their will and find their balance, makes their world happier and leads to a “happier world” for everyone. All it takes is making the decision to move forward, live life truly. and having someone by your side who is genuinely interested in supporting, understanding, and respecting you and your journey.

Aspasia Venieri

CBT Psychotherapist

Clinical Mental Health Counselor MSc

Discover a new beginning in your life through psychological support. In psychology and mental health counseling, we provide specialized psychotherapy sessions, helping you to discover the possibilities of self-awareness and self-development. Through an individual or group customized program, we address issues such as anxiety, depression, relationships, and personal development. With the psychologist or mental health counselor, you begin a personal journey to relaxation and well-being. Highly experienced in cognitive psychotherapy, we ensure effective communication and collaboration to improve your mental health. Contact us today and begin the journey to well-being and psychological recovery.


About Me

Following a twenty-year experience as a marketing executive in Greek and multinational corporations, Aspasia Venieri now focuses her professional interest in the area that has always been her great love, the psychological support of groups and people. She is a member of the Hellenic Association for Counseling (Ε.Ε.Σ) & European Association for Counseling (E.A.C)



Giota L.

"A cooperation that helped me in several sectors, especially in the deeper understanding of myself as well as the management of unpleasant emotions through the use of stress management techniques. A splendid professional with a lot of positive energy, committed to make you feel comfortable from the first moment in a relationship of absolute trust and continuous support". 

Opening Hours

Monday - Friday   10:00 - 21:00

Appointment Needed

Tel. : +30 6940504899

Happy People Session Room

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